How to repair Xbox game console

Xbox game console

Xbox game console have the tendency to be basically self-contained computer systems produced particularly to carry out video games. Online game consoles, like the Xbox, include all the basic pc parts consisting of a difficult drive, optical produce, graphics welcoming card and PROCESSOR. You might change the preliminary Xbox CPU having actually a processor made to fit the system by partially dismantling your very own Xbox. If you have actually previous encounter with pc parts this is frequently a simple task. Nevertheless, changing the preliminary Xbox CPU can be extremely complicated if you’re unknown with calculating gadgets.


  • Disconnect simply about all cable televisions in the Xbox program. Turn the device upside lower and put it in your work area.
  • Peel back once again the metal sticker label together with the assurance sticker label and likewise the bar signal sticker label about the bottom from the Xbox, exposing both screws below them. Remove the screws using a Torx # 20 screwdriver.
  • Eliminate the 4 rubberized feet from each corner from the Xbox. Eliminate the real screws through listed below every one of the rubber feet while utilizing Torx #20 screwdriver.
  • Turn the real Xbox set up and comprehend the sides from the console safely. Shake the real console gently and rinse as much as eliminate the really finest cover in the Xbox program.
  • Raise in the silver bow IDE cable tv and remove the screw underneath it which protects the difficult disk in place. Get rid of both screws which protect the real DVD create, situated near to the front from the drive, 1 on every side.
  • Detach the real IDE cable TV and energy cable television in the tough produces and raises the system out. Keep in mind that you might leave the capability cable connected to the hard drive ought to you prefer; it is really enough time that you might place the real drive right outside the Xbox as you work.
  • Detach the real yellow energy cable television in addition to IDE cable television in the DVD produce. Raise the real drive upright to take it off.
  • Find the real metal heat sink straight beneath the difficult creates. Detach the capability cable television in the motherboard. Unclip the real black tension tab together with the heat sink through pulling it for the front from the Xbox. Raise the real heat sink straight from the CPU.
  • Eliminate the real CPU through pulling this straight from the socket. Be cautious that you do not harm the real pins about the bottom from the processor if you desire to recycle this.
  • Change the real CPU having actually a processor made to fit the real Xbox outlet.
  • Apply Arctic Silver to the surface area of the CPU making use of a broad flat working surface area, such being an old credit card, to smooth it more than. Tidy any type of excess Arctic Silver from the CPU using a cotton bud.
  • Reassemble the real Xbox program, following disassembly directions in reverse.

Furthermore these guidelines can just be followed if your Xbox is not completely harmed.

You can watch this video to see how it is carefully done:

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